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Sponsoring Institutions

Our sponsoring Professional Engineering Institutions are qualifying bodies, centres of excellence and specialist knowledge, and providers of resources to encourage innovation and excellence in engineering worldwide.

Each of the Institutions hold a Royal Charter and are qualifying bodies who, along with the UK Engineering Council, confer Professional Engineering status, including the titles of Chartered Engineer (C.Eng) and European Engineer (Eur Ing). The standard of professionalism required to obtain these titles is recognized and understood worldwide.

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Institution of Civil Engineers

Institute of Civil Engineers


Institution of Mechanical Engineers



Institution of Engineering & Technology



Institution of Structural Engineers



The Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers


The five sponsoring Institutions are all headquartered in London, UK with worldwide membership and branches in most major cities in the world. Branches hold technical meetings on a regular basis. Our sponsoring Professional Engineering Institutions organize hundreds of seminars and conferences, publish highly regarded technical papers, books, journals and magazines, and run several diploma level training courses. All these organizations have extensive, and internationally referenced, technical libraries. They are recognized worldwide as the accreditation bodies for engineering degree courses and training schemes.

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